Thursday, May 21, 2009


Many times I've heard people say, "I can't change overnight." The concept of cold turkey, is just that, a concept. We mask our addictions, insecurities and pain in the belief that change won't come soon enough. So we continue on a downward spiral because of our own inability to believe in change. We put off change until next week, next month, next New Year's resolution and more. Just as we begin a positive course of action, something always seems to pop up and tries to hinder change. Prime example: Last week, I was totally stressing out about not having a job, a plan and a course of action. I was at a total loss. It was May 16th to be exact. I was a complete mess. I was crying and doubting my own abilities. Everyone kept telling me the same thing; Reach out to GOD. That night I made up my mind to change. I needed to renew my mindset. I began to look at my life, not in the aspect of the things I could not change. I began to recognize all of the situations and circumstances in my life that I could change. I knew that the next day a job wasn't going to magically appear in my lap so I created a job for myself. My job is to believe, change and encourage. I had to be on time and on point for this new career. I had to believe that there is a reason for my existence and a purpose for this abnormally long stint of unemployment. I began to focus on the works in me that I had not completed, the thoughts, ideas and projects that GOD put on my heart. First, I started a blog. Second, I was finally going to send off my finished manuscript to the publisher. I remember having the idea for this book back in 2004. I'd been caring around the first two chapters for 5 years. I finished my book in four months of being unemployed and it was finally time to see it through completion. Finally, I was going to work on my weight. Forget the freshman 15, I had the unemployed 20. The next day I had to go to the ER because of my sickle cell disease. My new job had to be put on the back burner, right? Wrong! As soon as I was released I kept pushing towards change. Even with more bad news only being a phone call away, I still moved forward. In the last three days, I have done more in cultivating my passion than in the last year I spent being unemployed, stressed out and looking for jobs. I have networked with so many people in the last three days that my change drive is on overdrive. So stop worrying, crying, complaining and lying in disbelief. Be the change you want seen.


Anonymous said...

This blog has really spoke to me. I don't know you but I am feeling the blogs and is being inspired. Thank you so much! And keep you head up my sistah, God has a sure nough plan for you!

DeAndra Tanae said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. Your comment alone has encouraged me to keep on writing and posting.