Thursday, May 21, 2009


You know I'm sitting here in the ER waiting
Just another face, just another patient
As disease and injury filter the room
I know now that my time will come soon
To see the Dr. and he tells me I'm ok
To take another breath and live another day
What could be the diagnosis that lead me here
A lifetime of habits, my cross I bear
Stress not disease is the prognosis they gave
Believe and trust in GOD, my health shall be saved
He is a lawyer in the court room
A doctor in the sick room
My faith lye with HIM no end comes soon
If I believe so shall it be
Free from sickle cell, sickness and disease
I want to walk in perfect health with thee
JESUS hear my cry and set me free
Forgive me, bless me, raise me
So shall it be

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