Monday, February 22, 2010


So, I'm watching tv, I do a lot of that lately and the commercials are ridiculous. Growing up I remember the "I'm a bill" commercial, Double Mint, Mentos, Kix. Hey, where's Mikey? I don't remember seeing commercials about herpes, cell phones, male enhancement or any other junk that you see now. I mean even the PSA's have changed. I remember the Smokey the Bear PSA's..."Only you can prevent forrest fires," or my all time fav, "Smoking stinks...YUCK!" Today I actually seen a PSA warning teens about the dangers of sending naked picture through text, they call it SEXTIN I think. Really? We need commercials about sexting? What is this world coming too? Don't get me started on reality tv. Boy do I need a job!

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Charlie said...

I could go on and on, really I could. I work with children and I see the direct results of this environment that we've created. All I can do is be a positive influence and try to expand their minds past the junk. I'm in an uphill battle and society only makes it more difficult.