Friday, April 30, 2010


Have you ever had a yearning displaced and abandoned? A passion unfulfilled is like water in the desert sun, evaporating. We fail to explore because we fail ourselves, we give up before we even try. I'm guilty of it at times. We think that the task is too hard or the dream is too far fetched, when in reality we are positioned for greatness. The transformation of a caterpillar is inevitable. The crawling caterpillar is predestined to become a beautiful creature. It does not fight change, for it can not. Does it know that it will one day fly? Even if it didn't, the caterpillar stills move forward towards change. What if we adopted an attitude that forced us to act? Predestined for greatness and beauty. Would we fail to try? Would we force ourselves in a cocoon of doubt or manifestation? Would we accept our greatness and change for the better? Believing that all things change, I choose to evolve and change for the better. I choose to believe that one day soon, I will fly? Can we soar together?

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Fatima Larean said...

Lol I really like this sis. I believe I can fly too not using wings but making my dreams into realities. keeping my mind leveled but not limited..I fly better than eagles, I flap better than wings, I soar greatly in belief. Yes, I believe I can fly and reach everything that would not be in reach if I stand still. There is no question about it. I CAN FLY AND I WILL!