Monday, May 18, 2009


I am from college degrees and unemployment lines
A hard lesson learned in trying times
I am from bi weekly checks 
Past due bills that I haven't paid yet
I am from onyx pearls & red sand
A rose that bleeds on concrete hands
I am from congo drums and european hair
From dark to fair
I am from a place that you call home 
Front yard bar-b-ques and hip hop beats
I am from the streets 
Food stamp bills you pocket on the side
Sitting on the porch saying that's my ride
As cars drove down the street
Pop rocks and aluminum cans
Penny candy treats 
No Air Jordans on our feet
I'm from a place that never knew it was poor
If your neighbor needed something they just came through the door
I am from a long line of folk 
Fresher than creased jeans and slicker than soap
I am from block parties and street fights
Be at home or on the porch before the street lights
I am from the have's and have not's
I've came from the bottom but I'm rising to the top
I am from distorted blood cells shaped like half moons
knowing the pain that once consume
I am from all that is around
I am from
I am from D town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Charlie said...

They say you must know where you come from in order to know where you are going. I see you got the vision on lock!!

Charlie said...

I Love it!