Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I've been out of work since January of last year. I have sickle cell disease. I was just hospitalized this past week-end and I don't have health insurance. Some of my bills are past due and I have to go back to the doctor next week. With all that is going on in my life, I should be depressed, right? WRONG? I am enjoying every waking minute of my life as it is! I am thankful for things that I do not have and for the things that I do have. During this time of unemployment, I have gained an understanding of self. I have accomplished so much without a job. I started a blog, wrote a book, vacationed with friends and family and regained a sense of hope for the future. I learned that in this economy you have to create success and happiness for yourself. Punching a clock might may the bills but it won't make you happy unless you love the job that you do. It doesn't cost much to be happy. Happiness can be a walk in the park or listening to your favorite cd. The highest paid price of unhappiness is self destruction; Stress, disease, low self esteem and more. So if you are unemployed don't be stressed be happy. You are always going to have bills whether employed or not. Tough situations are going to come and go. Be resilient during times of trial or controversy. Be patient during job seeking and soul searching. Persevere through life challenges. Have faith in a higher power and know that all things come in due time. 

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