Monday, May 18, 2009


Many times we seek things to replace feelings. People to replace abandonment, money for status, property and possessions to replace self esteem. I can go on and on about how some people try to over compensate for the things they lack. Here's the catch 22. Some people work hard, some people pray hard, some people get it at all cost and some people are born with more possessions. More possessions should not dictate a person character. But many times it does. I feel that we are just mere managers over the things we own.  None of what you have can go past the grave. Did you really think you owned that house? Nope! Even if your name is one the deed, die and see if you can take it with you! Once you're dead someone else will move into your house. Manager! I had to remember this when I lost my job. Although I am no longer the "manager," someone else is. Management is temporary.
Now, I wouldn't mind being a manager over a black on black 09 Dodge Challenger, a built to fit closet and more. I want more of the things I don't have. Whether its material or not I find myself wanting more. Seconds? Yes please! 
In wanting more I have to appreciate less. If I get the job I really want I will be away from all of my friends and family. I will have to appreciate less family gatherings, less birthday parties and less quality time. If I get the fame and the fortune I will have to appreciate less privacy and less sleep. Does less truly equal more? Can we have it all? Do I really want the things that I don't have? 
Apart from the materialistic atmosphere, vanity that consumes and jealousy that hinders, I really want more. More of the things money can't buy. More love, more inspiration, more time with my daddy, more energy to work out, more, more, more! We all want more at one point or another. 
The more you seek will be the less you...You should finish that statement.

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