Friday, February 12, 2010


Strike 3 always marks you're out. What about do overs? Best out of 5?!! So my week has been a world wind of emotions and let downs. I had a job interview with DC Teaching Fellows. Two things happened, mother nature sent 14 inches of snow to the DC Maryland area and my college grades weren't high enough to become a fellow. WTH? I wish I would have known this before they invited me to interview and before I bought my non refundable ticket. Let the record show, I graduated from 2 different higher ed institutions. I had a 2.65 and a 3.57. I think it's good considering... Moving on. Today, I chipped my front tooth on a piece of candy. No insurance, no job, no money and a chipped tooth. That was my strike 3! I need to break through this stint of unemployment. I need to end my turbulent affair with insomnia and worry. I need not to be afraid of work. I simply need to succeed. If there is nothing more than mere vanity pushing me towards success then well be it. My tooth has to be fixed in 90 days. My credit...well that might take awhile but I must ACT NOW! I know I am not alone in being unemployed and having a slew of stay encouraged ALL OF YOU! In the future we will become until then we must overcome.

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Charlie said...

Love the title! Just stopped thru to catch up on your life.
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