Monday, December 6, 2010


In my courtship with Life; I flirted with Wisdom, which led to my dating Knowledge and ultimately marrying Understanding, who prevailed in the end. At times I still abide in the abyss of simply knowing without understanding. As I examine, explain, stress over, and enjoy the situations of life, I find many similar themes. The common lesson that I’ve been learning as of lately is to stop RUSHING! I can tie this theme into the central challenges of my life and probably yours. Have you ever been driving on the freeway, stuck behind a slow vehicle? Just when you decide to gun it and float past the yahoo in front of you, something tells you to be Patient…take your time…don’t RUSH. When you decide to listen to that voice, you notice the hook (police) hidden on the side and you just saved yourself from a ticket. In love, relationships, dating, test taking, meeting, driving, eating or simply going about your daily life; the more time you take the better you are. It’s always when you begin to RUSH, you forget the most important element. Professors always tell you to read every question on a test thoroughly and don’t RUSH. Your parent(s) told you to chew your food slowly, so you wouldn’t choke. Everyone says it’s better to take you time getting to know someone, don’t just jump in. But what if the chemistry is there? What if the knowledge is there? You may be tempted to Rush past the red flags, the courting, the condoms, the late night-hours-on-the-phone convo’s and the true magic of it all. Chemistry without the right kind of alchemy will lose its spark without the knowledge to sustain it. Knowledge has no meaning without understanding. Patience cannot be a personal virtue, if you RUSH through the aspects of life. Though you may be tempted to RUSH, don’t. (I Corinthians 10:13)

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