Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I've been on a world wind these past couple of weeks, trying to come to terms with self. Sometimes myself wants what I don't need, need what I don't want and require more than I can handle. I make goals for myself that I don't accomplish and accomplish goals that I don't set. In all of the hypocrisy, ambiguity and contradictions of life, I've learned that it is good to have a plan but it is even better to have a purpose. Plans and agendas are made for order, for vision and for purpose.  If you make a plan to loose weight then your purpose could be to live longer. If you make a plan to open your own business then your purpose could be to create wealth for yourself and others. When you plan with purpose you see the bigger picture and if something comes up to alter your plans or delay them, that delay can never change your purpose.  I had a job and I had money and with one twist of fate, my lacking of planning surfaced. In my job, I was not living my purpose. With my money, I did not spend wisely nor did I invest in myself. With my former plan I had no purpose. In starting over, I am planning with a purpose.

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Charlie said...

So REAL!!! So much life in that short blog. Very inspiring as always.