Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Many times I hear people say, "Deal with the hand you've been dealt." Or something to that tune. I was dealt a losing hand, so why must I continue to play with it? I was dealt sickle cell, absentee father, unemployment, over due bills and bad credit. So which card do I play first? The victim card? The sympathy card? The unemployment card? Or my favorite card, the self pity card! How about I trade this hand in!

Instead of always focusing on the bad hand we've been dealt, just fold. When I finally decided to fold, I didn't lose much because the "pot" wasn't that big. The only thing I lost was stress and self pity. I won't complain about that!!! When I changed my mindset, my situation also changed. I demanded a rematch! As the dealer dealt, I pick up my five cards one by one. First card, grace. Second card, mercy. Third card, hope. Fourth card, passion. Last card, faith. Straight flush! I choose to play and lead with the faith card.

Maybe it's time for you to switch your hand up!


Charlie said...

Yup! My thoughts exactlty. Throw that shyte in. No need in sacrificing and trying to make soemthing happen with a bad hand. You know the players to the right and left, and across the table have all the good cards. Damn that. The dealer is going to shuffle again. Never settle for anything less than what you want or can make use of without being stressed.

DeAndra Tanae said...

I know right! I love the last line, "Never settle for anything less than what you want or can make use of without being stressed." Too blessed to be stressed! Why settle when I know the game?