Tuesday, October 20, 2009


There comes a time in all of our lives when we must commit. Commitment is essential to life. Whether we commit to ourselves and the fulfillment of our dreams, a relationship or work; the process of life weighs heavily on our ability to commit, persevere, change and grow. When we commit we show our devotion, ability and passion to others. There is no magical equation that sums up the age or time frame of our commitment, it comes early for some and later for others. When your current change and you tire from fighting against the waves and or you have had enough with your current... current job, current weight, current relationship, etc...it is time to change your current and commit to what will make you happy. The flow of energy and the change of my current is telling me it is now my time to commit. It is now time for me to walk in my destiny and to take hold of my place in life. It is time for me to be happy and free. It is time for me to commit myself to my writing. I have gotten over my fear of working, my confusion over my calling and the opinion of others. When I was tossed about and lost my job, my savings, my apartment, my confidence and my relationship; it was an rude awakening. But never the less I was awaken. I came into a season of understanding. Although, the process haven't been easy, a constant factor in my life besides GOD, is my writings. My writing is my ability to project, my gift from GOD, my talent and my blessing to others. It is now time for me to commit to writing. My words will be made plain and will manifest into the fulfillment of my purpose and passion. I plan on applying to graduate school to get my M.F.A in creative writing. From there I will teach creative writing to others. I will publish many books in my lifetime. I will help and inspire others through the words that I write. My commitment now is to my writings.

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