Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I started this blog as an outlet, a motivational tool, a venting mechanism and a way for me to write out loud. I wanted to share my journey during these trying economic times. I wanted to let other displaced workers know that they are not alone. As much as I try to feed the minds of others and encourage their souls, I find myself needing to be fed, needing to be encouraged. I find myself wanting someone to tell me its going to be alright. I've been on such an emotional worker coaster. Unemployment checks, I go up. Ending of my benefits, I go down. Applying for jobs that seem to be perfect for me, I go up. Following up with the job, only to find out that they already filled the position, I go down. Every time I take one step forward, it seems as if I automatically have to take two steps backwards. I was thinking about applying for graduate school to study creative writing. I called the other day to get my transcripts and they said that they couldn't release them because I have a past due balance on my account. When I try to better myself, follow my passion and move past this cloud of debt; I uncover more debt, more barriers, and I hear more No's. I wish I could rewind the years and make better decisions. I wish I could have always had the drive to follow my heart. I wish I could just up and leave right now and make things happen. Wishful thinking. Though I may look back on all the things that I did or did not do, in reality my feet keeps pressing forward. I may look back but I will always move forward. I may complain but I will always move towards the silver lining. I may cry in frustration but I will rejoice in life. Life will not always be comfortable and convenient. I may have to overcome more obstacles than the next person. I may have to mess up a few more times before I finally get it right. But I will never get weary in doing good. I will never turn my back on my own potential. I will never quit, never stop or never cease to try. Faith allows me to press forward. Prayer allows me to keep pushing until something happens. The fame, fortune and prosperity I seek is the fame, fortune and prosperity I will be.

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