Monday, May 25, 2009


Limit lies held to limit lives 
Those watched with blissful eyes as their lives walked by 
Am I limited by a revelation
Constant contemplation 
I choose to be limitless in dedication
To a dream
A cause
A way of life
As time flies
Limit lies spoke to stop my life
Am I limited by
A relationship
Identity in a crisis
How limited my life is
Am I limitless in pursuit of things unsaid
Golden rule book of what others dread
Am I a leader because I follow my dreams
Looking for life most treasured things
Limit lies held to limit lives
F that I know how time flies
In pursuit of all of it
I know that I AM LIMITLESS 
I'm not limited by how others view my life
I'm not limited by who been between my thighs
I'm not limited by gossip or constant sighs
I'm not limited by not knowing my way
I'm not limited by what others have to say
I'm not limited by a sunny or rainy day
Limit lies was told to hinder lives
In the midst of it
Saturate it now spin it
Take off other peoples limits.........

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